Hello, my name is Steve and I’ve been a certified real estate appraiser for the past 26 years and now provide SEO/Digital Marketing services. For Sale Home Tours is an idea that has stemmed from thousands upon thousands of conversations with homeowners. And while home tours, in general, have been around for many years, what they lack is “real people” telling a “real story”. Homeowners want to tell their story of their home in hopes that potential buyers will see and hear how they (the current owners/sellers) made their “Home Sweet Home”.

Realtor MLS listings miss out on a lot of “perception of value” features that really can only be explained in person and/or with a video and hence, For Sale Home Tours was born! With today’s “digital world” there really is no excuse not to have a “spokesperson” video that can reach potential buyers globally.

Whether it be the actual homeowner or a hired spokesperson speaking on behalf of the homeowner, the stories are there and homes are made with stories! The goal of For Sale Home Tours is to assist those homeowners who opt to FSBO (For Sale By Owner) and up their game in the digital marketing arena, to tell their story, to convey to potential buyers what their home really has and what the benefits are.

We hope you will find this service valuable and proactive in getting the “digital word of mouth” out there. And please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.