Welcome to For Sale Home Tours!

A website about homeowners wanting to tell their side of their story about their home! 

Hello, my name is Steve and I’ve been a state certified residential real estate appraiser for the past 26 years. And when it comes to listing a home for sale, I can’t say “I’ve heard it all” but I think I can say I’ve heard just about all! 

There are a lot of frustrated and confused homeowners out there. It’s not as simple as it used to be. The old way of hiring a Realtor and letting them handle everything and you just pay their commission is, well, the old way.

In today’s “digital world” and with “listing, selling, and closing knowledge” at everybody’s fingertips via Google or Youtube, homeowners are finding out that they can list and sell a home just as well as licensed Realtors. This in turn saves the homeowner thousands of dollars. 

Trust me, I’ve heard the complaints about Realtors who don’t have and/or implement an aggrresive marketing plan and strategy. Again, the old way of just listing a property on the local Realtor MLS and hoping somebody will “surf the net” and find your home is, well, hoping!

Before I go further, I need you to understand that I still believe that a good Realtor with an aggressive marketing plan and strategy and who understands today’s “digital world” is “worth their weight in gold”. But sadly and purely based on my experience, they are few and far between. 

It was only after listening to thousands upon thousands of homeowners tell their stories about their homes that it hit me…”spokesperson” home video tours by the homeowners themselves! Have you ever noticed in a Realtor listing that it’s always what the Realtor wants to say? Sure they can point out the features and throw some “salesy” lingo on there but every home has a story to tell and who better to tell it than than the homeowner! And from that For Sale Home Tours was born.

Now I know there is a slew of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) websites out there but once again, they are just your typcial listings. Their “virtual tours” consist of picture slideshows with drone footage. Which by the way I fly drones too but use them sparingly for real estate shoots because most homeowners could care less about drone footage. And with Google Earth and Street View, you can literally get all the exterior shots you need to see.

What I’m talking about here are “real people” doing “real tours” of their homes.  In case you haven’t noticed “home videos” has been around since the invention of the camcorder. What we’re attempting to do here is take that same idea of people videoing their homes but for the purpose of selling it with their own “home story tours”. 

The added benefit to this is that homeowners will have a video keepsake of their home. Memories of the home they can show the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids! 

We are a new website so please bear with us as we grow. I’m sure there will be changes and updates but the sole purpose of this website is to assist homeowners sell their home by way of doing “spokesperson” video tours.

It’ll be fun and it’ll be good!